Parent Education

232323232-fp83232-ydnpcuvbwsnrcgu46-5-nu=43;7-396-532-WSNRCG=3666-25-3;32-nu0mrjSequim Pre-3’s learning environment is enriched by family-initiated discussions.  What does that mean?  You have an interest or issue, your parent educator finds the resources, brings handouts with researched information, and the class talks about it in class.  If you miss a class, topics are briefly mentioned on Sequim Pre-3’s Facebook page to notify those that missed, extra handouts are in the classroom files or the parent educator can be contacted for more details.

What kind of topics?  We have a variety, based on what the class wants or needs.  We have discussed: temperament, differing caregiving styles, positive time out, educational learning at home, what makes a good learning place for your child, tantrums, self-soothing as the resolution to weaning from nearly anything (breast-feeding, bottle, pacifier, falling asleep with help, sharing a bed, being carried, finger sucking, and nail biting), and more!

From our Parent Educator Nicole Brewer:

“I began my involvement with young children when I was young, through babysitting, teaching swim lessons, and worked my way up with others by being a peer counselor and then resident advisor in college.  I came back to working with children as my oldest daughter began Pre-3 in Port Angeles.  From there, my volunteering with Pre-3 and Parenting Matters Foundation, another local family support group, grew.  I found I loved working both with young children and their families.  I served on the Pre-3 board in both Port Angeles as a Class Leader, then in Sequim as a Class Leader and Secretary.  I also routinely helped out as the Parent Coordinator as my youngest daughter went through Pre-3.  I ran a small group called Parenting Connections under Parenting Matters Foundation to help parents come together as a support network from 2009 to 2012.  As my oldest transitioned into preschool, and I helped out there, I found I wanted to get certified in Early Childhood Education.  I taught my first parenting class in the Spring of 2014.  I truly love helping others through the journey of caring for young children.  I think having the researched information, focusing on positive methods, is one of the most helpful tools to understand and foster healthy growth and development of our children.”